Spelt Flour


Grown over 9,000 years ago in Europe, time-forgotten Spelt (Triticum Spelta) has re-emerged as an exciting product in the food market. After the 19th century it was forgotten, partly because of its lower yield in comparison to wheat and the need to mechanically dehull the grain before milling. In Europe Spelt is more commonly called ‘dinkel’ and grows in the alpine highlands of Austria, Switzerland and Germany. It is grown in Canada and called Spelt.

In comparison to today’s hybridized wheat, Our WHOLE GRAIN ORGANIC Spelt Flour’s nutritional profile can contain more protein, unsaturated fat, a higher mineral content and more amino acids. Spelt has a high water solubility that helps the body abosrb its nutrients easily as well as being a great source of fibre. Spelt has large amounts of B-17 (naturally occurring Amygdalin). Special carbohydrates (mulcopolysaccharides), an important factor in blood clotting and stimulating the body’s immune system are also found in Spelt. All of this makes it an ideal training and endurance food especially for athletes wanting to carbo-load.

The Spelt kernel is tightly surrounded by a very strong hull, which protects the grain from possible pollutants and insects. It also protects the grain during storage, assuring you of the freshest possible product after dehulling and milling. Nunweiler’s Flour Co. low temperature impact milling helps maintain the important nutrients, adding to the uniqueness of our ORGANIC WHOLE GRAIN Spelt Flour, ensuring a superior quality product.

Are you Wheat Sensitive?

If you are, Spelt could possibly be an attractive alternative to wheat flour for you. Be sure to consult with your Doctor to see about being testing Spelt in your diet. Many people have found relief substituting Spelt because of it’s unhybridized and low gluten qualities. Spelt bran is soluble enabling the body to absorb more nutrients from the grain. With some experimentation, Spelt can be substituted in any recipe for wheat flour. It can be used for baking, cooking, pasta, pancake mixes and so on . . . the list is endless!

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”I love your new product Red Fife Wheat Flour. It has a wonderful flavour when I use it for bread.  It's nice to know that I am using a grain that is organic, non GMO whole grain. ”

Alice W. Victoria, BC
April 19, 2014

”Grandma Nunweiler's Pancake Mix is the only brand my kids will eat. It makes me happy as I know they are heading out the door with a good nutritious meal to start their day.”

Darlene B, Vancouver
June 17, 2012

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