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Organic Whole Grain Wheat Buns

Using whole grain flour can be challenging when it comes to baking buns and bread. Actually anything that involves yeast working with gluten. Bran bits like to cut up the gluten threads. The gluten strength in REAL whole grain flour …

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Jack & Jill Cookies

How these cookies got their name is a bit of a mystery. It’s what our Mom called them when we were little. It may have come off the package of oats back in the day but it ‘s been in …

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Low-Sodium Coffee Cake

It's an endearing German tradition to sit down for Kaffee & Kuchen (Coffee & Cake) in the afternoon. this coffee cake is the perfect match but it goes well with tea or a latte too. Even though it's low-sodium it doesn't lack flavour. It's moist . . .

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Simply Amazing Morning Muffins

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Sometimes in the morning we seem to have the least amount of time. That's why these scrumptious muffins work so well. This recipe uses Grandma Nunweiler's Whole Grain Pancake & Waffle Mix - a bit of a time saver as some of the ingredients are already in the mix.

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